Social media is the channel, what you do with it is marketing.

Our Founder

Social Gold is a digital marketing company with an insatiable appetite for helping bold brands grow their businesses organically. Our approach is simple: bring life into your business by eliminating your digital identity crisis and providing a roadmap to marketing clarity.

Feeling relieved yet?

Digital Marketing is misunderstood.

So, let me be crystal clear. Here is what I do for founders, entrepreneurs, and brands:

I help to define your brand’s unique identity so that your future customers can connect with you.

I help to refine the way you share your brand’s identity so that the right customers can find you. 

I partner with you to thoughtfully create a curated marketing blueprint so that your business shines from its best perspective. 

Together, we will dig into your business so that your audience sees your brand in the way you intend it to be seen.

With Social Gold as your marketing partner, your ideal customer knows exactly who you are, how you fit, and why you matter to them.

Our Team

Eleena Jouras

Eleena Jouras

Jr. Brand Strategist
MELODIE FOLEY - Content-Creator

Melodie Foley

Content Creator